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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to 100% fiber optics. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. . you're watching the station that works for you. >> its been a violent weekend and we begin with more breaking news. for the second time in two days police are investigating a shooting involving police. good evening. just before eight tonight police in unmarked car pulled over another vehicle in belaire road. the car took off and officers pursued. the suspect's car then hit another car. the three inside took off on foot. one of the suspects pointed a gun at the officer in the car
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causing him to swerve into a nearby bus stop. a foot officer in the area told the suspects to stop. when they didn't he shot one of them in the leg. they arrested two and are looking for the third along with the suspect's gun. >> we mentioned yesterday there will be increased traffic checkpoints, increased visibility with the police. own of the officers was in the right place at the right time. >> that shooting one day after another officer involved issuing in the city. officers at a traffic stop wanted to question a driver two passengers early saturday morning. think man in the backseat pulled a gun. the officers fired, the car sped away. later a man with three gun shot wounds showed up at the hop. detectives linked him to the incident. he is expected to live. the officers on routine leave.
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the increase of police activity in response to a space of weekend violence this have called on the command staff to work overtime after a total 13 people why shot in baltimore. cheryl connor with more on the crime stopping tactics. >> reporter: the commissioner wants more adviseddible policing weekend so he called in miss command staff to work overnight saturday and sunday hoping to put an end to the increased violence. this weekend looks like many others this summoner baltimore city. 13 people why shot, three of them are dead. back on chase street hours after a 20-year-old man was shot and killed early sunday morning police are responding to another nonfatal incident. >> this is unusual. i just go back in the house and act likely don't see it because it's not -- it's not very unusual and it's the sad thing to say but it's the truth. >> reporter: also sunday morning a man and woman were shot multiple times in a parking lot at dutch village apartment complex.
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the argument led to a fight where the suspect pulled airman and shot the victim in the arm and chest. the victim is in critical condition. the violence led the police commissioner to call in his 18 patrol commanders to work from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. saturday and sunday. > bottom line is visible policing. we will use overtime. >> [inaudible] block any way. >> reporter: with in less than two hours on friday three were shot, two of them died. the first on horton where a suspect shot two men in a car. one died at the hospital. the others being treated for his injuries. the second on rob street, the victim was shot multiple times. he was transported to johns hopkins where he died. a woman lives among the violence staying off the streets is her way of keeping safe. >> most times you kind of get
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in trouble just by being there and being seen. i just try to stay in the house. >> reporter: and the commissioner has called a meeting the command staff tomorrow morning for a weekend briefing. police are still following leads on all the weekend shooting before naming suspects. cheryl connor,abc 2news. >> also tomorrow community leaders will discuss a series of violent robberies by groups of young men. police are looking in to five robberies that happened in upper fel l's point north of eastern avenue. one man is in custody but police aren't sure how many of thea tax he might have been involved. tomorrow's meeting will be at seven at the southeast district police station that's at 5710 eastern avenue. police are investigating four violent incidents on friday night all of which happened with in 40 miens of each other. around 10:20 officers were called, a man said he was talking on his phone when a car
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pulled up. a man leaned out and aimed a gun at him. the victim rana hey, said he heard gun shots. minutes later police got another report of a shooting near stone castle. the victim said he was getting in to his car when three men got out of a tan car and held him up. he was forced to take off most of his clothes and then was tied up and beaten and shot in the back. another report of a shoot shooting in the area off route 175. the victim said he was riding his bike when a dark car pulled up. he heard shots. about 20 minutes later officers responded to disney road again, this time for a report of another man shot. four incidents there. police don't know if they are related. if you have information you can call crime stoppers. now to the latest on a story we first brought you on friday. a young boy back home after
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spending more than a week at the hospital. the 10-year-old quinton was hit in the stomach with a barb from a stingray while on vacation in north carolina. the ba rb lit hit his liver. we spoke with his mom tonight. she said he is now back home. school starts next week. his mom said he hopes to be there for the first day of class. we hope so to. >> we had a little bits of everything today. we had clouds, we had peeks of sunshine, we had rain moving in. let me show you the radar is dry as of now. we like to see that but we also would like to see the rain because we did need it. check this out. as we check tout a shot here into baltimore. we did see the rain throughout the day. shows some cloud cover across the area. also showed some sun and as we look at the harbor is nice and dry. get out there. i know a lot of have you to get up in the morning and as you do
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we are going to be looking at different times, rain will be in the forecast and we have chances but we have some dry time as well. i will tell you about that coming up. >> thank you. the president has entered the growing controversy over plans to build a mosque near ground zero. he told a group he believes muslims should be able to build a place of worship anywhere they want. yesterday he said in those comments he wasn't talking about the wisdom of the ground zero project but he said he was speaking about the principle that everybody should be treated equal regardless of religion. despite that republicans ripped him this morning on the sunday morning talk shows. >> i think the president is trying to have it both ways. >> first probably the dumbest thing any president has said. >> . >> showed americans strongly
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opposed to the plan. new york mayor has supported the plan. eight people are dead, more than a dozen hurt after an accident at a off road race in california. it happened just after the start of a nighttime race. witnesses say one of the trucks slipped after a jump and went in to the crowd. people stood just feet from the race course and there was nothing between them and the speeding truck. officials say the driver wasn't hurt but had to run to get away from the angry crowd throwing rocks. the craigslist killer is dead. police say he committed suicide in his jail cell this morning. he was awaiting trial on charges he killed a woman he met on craigslist after she posted an add offering masage. he was also accused of robbing two other women. after a strong performance in their first pre-season game the ravens got a surprise when they showed up to camp
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saturday. the news they would have sunday off. to most of them found it a little hard to believe. >> they were a little bit surprised. they were -- they didn't say -- they were looking for the catch i think. waiting for the punchu. >> i thought he was going to come back and say got you. like the whole room was just quiet, like are you serious or playing? >> but the head coach was serious. he said if the team continues a tough training camp giving them a day to rest was right on schedule. >> i don't think it's a reward. it's where we are. reward in the sense they are earned it i guess. we have worked really hard throughout training camp. coaches and players and i think the best thing for us is a little recovery time. >> reporter: speaking of that offensive lineman gater will we but for at least two weeks. he visited a specialist about a small tear in his back.
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>> it's not serious but will keep him out for a few weeks. >> reporter: losing him likely for the rest of the presan sew is bad news as they listed pass protection something they need to focus on. the other problem the depleted secondary, three cornerbacks hurt. it isn't a problem for the safeties. >> we are all for it. we are just a very team focused defense and whatever it takes to get the job done we do it. >> reporter: no day off tomorrow. the ravens will get back to practice in westminister. the next pre-season game saturday. for parents it's a danger you might never have core considered. everything in your home that runs on batteries. turns out the batteries can pose a serious health risk to your kids. how to keep your family safe. plus the latest on gabor's
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fight for survive pool and later calling all jedi, storm trooper, we will take to you the biggest star was party this side of cloud city. . >> the rain is gone for now but that won't last. how long you will need the umbrella. that's coming up. [ mom ] i can't start the first grade with her.
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. parents know babies curious and almost everything they touch can end up in yarmouth. there is an increased threat with certain kinds of batteries found in items all over the home. >> reporter: light up when they think of their daughter. >> he she was a beautiful,
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happy, healthy, baby girl. she was and always will be our true joy. >> reporter: they endured crushing heart break when she died at just a year and a half. she swallow aid battery that caused fatal internal injuries. >> searched the house. we have no idea where it came from. >> reporter: it was a lithum battery, the round type you find. >> bathroom scales, car remotes, remotes for the garage door opener. republican. >> reporter: even in musical greeting cards. the association for child safety wants parents to be aware of the possible danger in the batteries. >> reporter: a study looked at 8,000 battery swallowings, they found the bigger batteries pose more than the normal choking hazard. they say they can get caught in the throat and still create a current inside a child's body.
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>> it's like dropping drain opener in tiny drops into their throat. >> reporter: the poison center gets calls involving 3500 cases a year and they are more serious than ever with 13 deaths and 73 severe injuries. >> so serious they have ended up with breathing tubes. >> reporter: the number of incident is way up to 18 to 20% in the last decade. the poison center and the iafcs want to see warning labels on products using them. >> if there are more labels associated directly with that product when they are opening the package and not hidden on the back in some small print or hidden on the instruction sheet in the back of the manual it'll help. >> reporter: they want to see the com partments changed. >> 62% of children are getting them out of the product. they are doing it because the battery isn't secure. >> reporter: they want to see
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them changed to require screws. until that appearance both groups suggest parents tape them shut and keep item was the batteries out of a child's reach. should you secure junk drawers where you keep extra batteries just in case. >> secure trash cans because children have pulled them out of the trash. >> reporter: the family still doesn't know where shore daughter found the battery she found. >> our only hope is to save lives. if we can give one child their future and spare one family this pain and devastation then we will be doing something for her. >> reporter: agencies say the companies have been helpful trying to race awareness but putting warnings on packaging but the biggest push is on the manufacturers to have safety alerts and change the battery com partments. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate biurate rate and
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maryland's most powerful doppler radar. if you are outside or at the beach it's not necessarily what you want but this summer will take --. >> yes. >> less than 100. >> it's a nice break. nice break today. we didn't want the rain but we need the rain. that's some good news. >> felt good. >> yes. some peeks of sun. let's talk about what we saw. the stats and we only came in at 77 dries. we should be at 85 degrees for this time the year. that's not to bad. look at that record. the 100's. we didn't reach that for today. also looking -- 71 was the low. we should be at 64 for this time of the year. the record set back in 1964 was 49 degrees. the big story for today is that we did get some rain. . at the inner harbor we got almost 8 tenths of an inch. that's a welcome sight. this is the high today. with the cloud cover, with the
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rain the temperatures were held down. we saw baltimore at 77, york came in at 77 as well. easton around 79 and into wilmington 78. we saw 80's, winchester around 87 and virginia, culpepper around 77 degrees for today. the temperatures now still not to bad. we have that cloud cover out there. in to the evening time the cloud cover acts like a blanket. the temperatures won't bible to drop off that much. more of the same into york. winchester around 77 right now. culpepper at 72. more of the same in other east on. wilmington at 74 degrees. as we check out the satellite and radar things looking good. maybe some clearing with you mostly cloudy throughout the night. now, speaking of the showers and thunderstorms you see that blue thing back there, that's the cold front president that's going to push through as we go
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into tomorrow. it'll happen -- you will couple that with the high pressure off into the atlantic. you get clockwise flow. we will be on the southerly side now. the winds will come from the south. that cold front. they are meet up and we do have a chance for some saw severe weather. the storm prediction center has in a slight risk and the biggest threat damaging winds. be prepared for downed trees, and power lines as well. the satellite and radar. i want to show you this one. as we zoom out you can see this cluster here. what's happening is remember that tropical depression that made its way inland? now it's starting to make its way back off into the gulfw. that could reform into another depression and storm. the forecast goes like this. we will put it into motion and we have the chance of showers, thunderstorms, to work their way through the area by tomorrow morning we could be see that and then we will see them fire up in to the
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afternoon. again some of thoses be on the severe side. into tuesday looks better but still not going to rule out a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the picture. this is temperatures in to the over night. 73, mostly cloudly but likely tomorrow the showers and thunderstorms in the picture. temperature around 91. this is a tricky forecast. if we see more cloud cover that temperature is going to be held down and the showers and if not then that temperature will be right around 90. as go into tomorrow night the temperature will be around 76 with showers and thunderstorms possible and here is that seven day forecast as we look 91, 90, you can see the showers and thunderstorms will continue and then we finally get a break-in to friday and the temperature will be around 90. by next saturday and sunday another chance for showers and thunderstorms in the picture. >> thankyou. zsaa zsa gabor has asked a
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priest to come to her hospital bed to give last rites. she was hurt in a fall in july. her health has been up and down ever since. with the orioles on the road lawn mowers took center stage. the great maryland lawn mowere change brought dozens of folks and their mowers. this is what usually goes on at camden but there was a program with people trading in their lawn mowers for more efficient battery powered ones. they got discounts. stats show that gas powered ones responsible for 5% of the air pollution in the united states. the man that you just saw there, buck, he has been responsible for a lot more excitement toward the baseball team that plays at camden but this weekend the orioles ran into a tough contending team in atlanta. we will have highlights the rubber match with the rays just
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ahead. plus every star wars fans dream. we will take you to a celebration of galactic for portions.
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. little while but the fighting buck has finally lost a series. today bottom of the first, crawford putting the rays on the board with a two out solo home run. orioles never led in the game and lost by a final of 3-2. it's the first series they have dropped since buck took over. the oldest player to make the cut at the pga champion shin didn't finish anywhere near the top but did make the best shot of the tournament.
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tom, recorded the only hole in one of the entire tournament saturday. 17th hole. there it goes. right on the green and it's in the hole. inside for 55th. despite the hole in one. the final underwent to a playoff. thousands of star wars fans gathered in orlando this weekend for the 5th star wars celebration. there was plenty of crazy stuff to see as allison walker found out some of the strangest weren't even wearing costumes. >> you wear this at home? >> that's a good one. >> reporter: jeff is a made up star wars character. he swears he only wears it at halloween but look at this grown man, he is wear age very cute fuzzy backpack. >> reporter: excuse me? where did you get the backpack? >> disneyland.
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>> reporter: i kind of like it. >> i do to. >> reporter: you wear it anywhere else? >> everywhere. >> reporter: the sermon contractual ribbon. besides that everything here is as real as it gets. that's jabba and is he holding me captive. i tell you i'm kind of comfortable around here. i don't mind this. this guy he is playing out his fantasy. >> since i was a kid. i remember having a crush on girls in school and wanting them to dress up. >> reporter: you have two of them beside you. >> i'm not complaining. >> reporter: are you --. >> i don't want to go yet. >> reporter: watch yourself around here. this woman was first in line waiting more than four hours to get in. >> i may be polite now but i will run people over. i need to get a few things here and there. >> well at least the reporter didn't wear the costume.
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. don't call them former action stars. sylvester saloon and his buddies took the top of the box office with the expendables. it also stars bruce willis, jet li, interpret much anybody ever been in an action movie. eat pray love was second and
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the other guys third and we have -- a good weekend to see a movie. >> yes. when it rains you want to go to stay inside. for tomorrow when you wake up have the rain gear. lue need that and another warm day on tap. the showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. just be prepared. don't go out without the rain gear. >> we won't. thank you. thank you for watching the news. get all the stories we are covering online. good night.
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